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Cover relevant litigation, regulation and legislation without sifting through overflowing information with Law360. This legal and case based online tool is specifically designed to keep you ahead of the curve with US legal matters.
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Improve the efficiency and accuracy of your international legal research with Find more of what you need in less time, without missing critical legal information. Access comprehensive international legal content with the user-friendly interface and online research tools of Unique timesaving features give you results—not clutter.

Shepard's® Citations Service*
With Shepard's you receive comprehensive editorial analysis conducted by experienced attorneys. Comprehensive analysis provides you history and an array of case outcomes that help ensure your authorities are practicing good law-and confidence you are building a stronger case.

Key titles
  • Intellectual Property Counseling and Litigation
  • Banking Law
  • Corporate Compliance Practice Guide
  • Corporate Governance: Law & Practice
  • Fox & Fox: Corporate Acquisitions & Mergers
Recommended books
  • Judicial Conduct and Ethics
  • Federal Banking Laws and Regulations
  • Understanding Corporate Law
  • A Conflict of Laws Anthology
  • Rules of Patent Drafting
  • Immigration and Nationality Law
  • Problems and Strategy
  • The UN Convention on Contracts for the
  • International Sale of Goods: Practice and Theory
  • Healthcare Reform: Law and Practice

LexisNexis® Practice Advisor
Practical guidance through LexisNexis Practice Advisor include Mergers & Acquisitions,Securities & Capital Markets, Financial Restructuring & Bankruptcy, Corporate Counsel, California, Business & Commercial.

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