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Lexis® Singapore
Lexis Singapore, the legal online research platform tailor-made for legal practitioners, government and corporate users, offers the largest local legal content in the most intuitive and friendly online environment. With Lexis Singapore, authoritative sources and works such as Halsbury's Laws of Singapore and Atkins Court Forms are now available for legal professionals to access with ease.

Key titles
  • Halsbury's Laws of Singapore
  • Woon's Corporation Law
  • Atkin's Court Forms of Singapore
  • Civil Practice in Singapore and Malaysia
  • Singapore Court Practice
  • Principles of Singapore Land Law
  • Evidence Law Practice
Recommended books
  • Asia Pacific Construction Law Casebook – Hong Kong, Malaysia &Singapore
  • Banking Law
  • Commentary and Cases On Personal Property Law
  • Contract Administration Guide to the SIA Conditions of Building Contract
  • Law and Practice of Arbitration in Singapore
  • Merger Control in Singapore: Law and Practice
  • Principles and Practice of Securities Regulation in Singapore
  • The Practice of Law

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