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Nexis is the leading online service for strategic news and business research, with content from over 35,000 sources. With Nexis, you can find company, demographic and country information and search through news archives up to 30 years, which help you to make informed decisions.

  • 5 billion documents and records from over 35,000 sources to search from. Find current and archived news, company and financial information, legal information, and much more.
  • Easy and enhanced source selection, one-step search refinement, result groups classification, and navigation techniques. Quickly target your searches and efficiently incorporate results into your workflow, enabling you to find reliable information even if you are a novice.
  • Easily accessible results and navigation techniques. Choose how you want to receive your results: printed, via email, or downloaded directly to your computer or your mobile device. Your search results are automatically saved.

The TotalPatent research tool is one of the LexisNexis® IP solutions that helps you protect, develop, and maintain patent assets. The patent database offers multiple features and functionalities to make your intellectual property research more efficient and timely.
What TotalPatentTM brings to you:

  • Full-text published patents. Find published patent documents from 100 countries. Full-text coverage is currently available for 30 countries.
  • Search efficiently. Perform a single search query in all patent collections globally. View your search results by family, with the option of removing duplicates.
  • Monitor the industry. Stay informed on new technology and competitors' activities in patent applications, pending patents and prior art via its monitoring function.
  • Create graphics. Utilize inbuilt analytics tools to create graphical maps and bar charts online.
  • Personalise your research. Customize user preferences and export patent data into Microsoft® Excel® spreadsheets.

Bridger Insight™
LexisNexis Bridger Insight XG strengthens compliance by keeping you in front of evolving global regulations. Using a single interface, the solution delivers rapid screening by leveraging a best-in-class matching algorithm and access to the latest global watchlists. Bridger Insight XG helps companies effectively conduct due diligence and comply with global regulatory regimes, such as the UK Bribery Act, the FCPA, Anti-Money Laundering laws and International Sanctions regime requirements. Its unique Batch News capability provides a unique and efficient way to always be aware of changes to your higher risk clients.

Lexis® Diligence
Conduct deep dive due diligence on your customers and suppliers to protect your business and to be prepared in the event of an audit. With Lexis Diligence, you can quickly perform enhanced due diligence checks on organisations, individuals, and jurisdictions of concern to ensure that you minimise reputational risk to your business, and comply with KYC requirements under global and local legislation.

What Lexis Diligence brings to you:

  • Safeguard your corporate reputation. Ensure your organisation is not associated with bribery, fraud, corruption or improper behavior via a third party, customer or supplier. You can track high risk third parties to ensure you are alerted to potential changes. Trust LexisNexis to protect your business.
  • Simple steps to vetting and compliance. Save research steps and time when performing due diligence checks. Our solution brings together all the intelligence you need, in one place.
  • User-friendly search screening. Reduce your investment in IT and training. Lexis Diligence is simple to use. It searches across multiple databases to deliver relevant matches immediately.
  • Demonstrate regulatory compliance. Be assured that you have performed the necessary screening. All searches are time and date stamped, providing an audit trail to prove that you have carried out the appropriate due diligence.

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