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A real, one-stop solution: from basic information to detailed practice research

Lexis® China Online is the most authoritative, practical and up-to-date legal information platform covering the Chinese market. Designed to assist legal professionals from government, corporate enterprises, law firms and tertiary institutions with translated Chinese law.

Based on the same advanced technology that underpins all of the LexisNexis world-leading legal information platforms, Lexis China Online features the most intuitive and effective search platform available. Quickly and easily locate all relevant laws, regulations and up-to-date judicial decisions without needing a translator.

With a focus on legal practices, Lexis China Online also includes a series of practitioner modules. These modules are specifically developed to help you resolve legal issues, using a variety of rich content such as overviews, key cases, commentaries and contract templates. In addition, Lexis China Online comes with a comprehensive range of support services, including high-quality translation, customised information, online Q&A with well-known legal experts.

Lexis® China covers 33 categories of laws and regulations

  • Constitutions and national law
  • Civil law
  • Intellectual property law
  • Civil procedure law
  • Criminal law and criminal procedure law
  • Administrative law
  • Company law
  • Securities and futures law
  • Banking law
  • Insurance law
  • Tax law
  • Financial and accounting law
  • Labour and personnel law
  • Industrial and commercial administrative law
  • Market competition law
  • Product quality law
  • Trade law
  • Investment law
  • Resources law
  • Environment law
  • Transportation law
  • Land and real estate law
  • Construction law
  • Press publication law
  • Communications Law
  • Medication and health law
  • Cultural law
  • Technology law
  • Education and sports law
  • Public security law
  • Civil administration law
  • Foreign affairs law
  • Military law

Each category includes a comprehensive collection of resources, such as laws and regulations, legal news, case analyses, practical guidance, expert perspectives, online Q&A, translations and professional journals

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  • An Introduction to the Legal System of the PRC
  • China Trade Secret Protection: Practice & Strategy
  • China Transfer Pricing Guide
  • China Patent Legal System & Practice
  • China Employment Practice Guide
  • International Arbitration in the People's Republic of China: Commentary Cases and Materials

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