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Lexis® Malaysia
Access high quality content with enhanced functionality, hyper-linking capabilities and content previously available only in print format to legal professionals in Malaysia. With Lexis Malaysia, authorative sources relied upon by legal professionals such as Halsbury's Laws of Malaysia, Malaysian Precedents and Forms, Atkin's Court Forms Malaysia and others are now available online.

Case Analysis Malaysia
Delve deeper into your research for a complete view of your authorities. Case Analysis Malaysia provides both the positive and negative treatments of Malaysian case law from 1932 onwards. Gain deeper insight into your research as you evaluate your Malayan Law Journal Reports' case law results.

Key Titles
  • Malaysian Shariah Law Reports
  • Malayan Law Journal Reports
  • Malayan Law Journal Unreported
  • Malayan Law Journal Articles
  • Unannotated Statutes of Malaysia
  • Malaysian Precedents and Forms
  • Malaysian Court Practice
  • Annotated Statutes of Malaysia
  • Atkin's Court Forms Malaysia
  • The Companies Act
  • Halsbury's Laws of Malaysia
  • Malaysian Conveyancing
  • National Land Code
Recommended books
  • Compendium of Malaysian International Property Cases
  • Adjudication of Construction Payment Disputes in Malaysia
  • Law of Evidence in Malaysia
  • Banking Law
  • Employment Law in Malaysia
  • Land Law in Malaysia, Cases and Commentary
  • Malaysian Rules of Court - An Annotation
  • Harbans' Engineering and Construction Contracts Management Law and Principles

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