Affinity for IT Managers, Support Staff and Admins

Affinity's strength lies in its flexibility, and in the range of configuration and integration options it offers. Find out more below…

"I need to ensure people have all the tools they need to do their job ... and manage over access to sensitive data"

Use Affinity's flexible security framework to enable or restrict access to system features by employee or by role. Affinity's Team Security and Document Profile features can be configured to protect information and documents relating to particularly sensitive matters.

"The lawyers are too busy to keep up with routine admin"

Every firm works slightly differently, so Affinity has a range of configurable features that you can set up and tailor to suit the needs of your lawyers and their support staff. From time-keeping, through document drafting, to integrated searches and managing client access, Affinity has configuration options to help you fine-tune your processes and keep control.

"I want to help avoid distractions, to keep our Lawyers focused on the needs of our clients"

Use Affinity's Matter Types to tailor the range of services and options available for different types of work. Filter the firm's precedent library to present relevant options for each matter. Select custom dataforms appropriate to the area of work. Apply workflows and configure online search options, to avoid distractions and help practitioners stay focussed on the task at hand.

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