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From software updates and learning how to use new Affinity features, to upskilling new starters and ensuring your firm is using best practice, there are many benefits to having a current LexisCare subscription.

LexisCare Includes

Regular Affinity software updates

Lexis Affinity™ is updated twice a year with significant enhancements, useability improvements and the inclusion of powerful new features.  We also introduce integrations to select third party providers to give you access to innovative services from within Affinity.

LexisCare Knowledge Base

The LexisCare Knowledge Base is a comprehensive resource available 24x7, containing practical help on everything from basic configuration and step-by-step instructions for common activities to guidance on performing more advanced operations.

Help, when you need it

Lexis Affinity™ Helpline is there to assist trained operators with everything from performing common tasks, to advice on using more advanced features and resolving business impacting issues as quickly as possible.  You also have the flexibility of calling us directly, or logging (and tracking) support requests online via LexisCare.

Complimentary Live & On-demand Webinars

LexisCare members can register to attend our regular schedule of online webinars run by our specialist Consulting Team on a variety of helpful topics, plus access to our library of recorded webinars and other video content now available within LexisCare.

Discounted Consulting rates

LexisCare members receive discounted hourly rates for a range of services our Consulting Team provide including consulting services, training sessions and Affinity HealthChecks.

Enhancements & Bug fixes

Every Affinity release includes over 100 enhancements and bug fixes requested by firms to improve their day-to-day experience using Lexis Affinity™.

Access to User Group events and the Affinity Matters newsletter

LexisCare members have access to Affinity User Groups and the quarterly Affinity Matters newsletter which are filled with information on the latest developments in Affinity and the industry, plus tips on getting the most from your investment.

Opportunities to participate in roadmap development

Customer feedback is important to the Lexis Affinity™ team and we periodically reach out to LexisCare members to validate our product roadmap and provide input that shapes the future of Affinity.

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We’re here to help

We all know that LinkedIn is a great place to connect with other professionals and organisations…but did you know it’s also a great way to connect to the Lexis Affinity Consulting and Product Teams?

The LinkedIn Lexis Affinity User Group is a forum specifically for licenced Lexis Affinity users.  It’s a private group, meaning only genuine users of Lexis Affinity can join, and it’s consistently monitored by our Consulting and Product Teams. Request access today!

Support, whenever you need it

LexisCare customers have access to our regular webinar schedule and this great content is now available on-demand. Our entire library of recorded webinars is there for you, whenever you need it!

Webinars are categorised by topic and searchable, so it’s easy to find what you’re looking for. View the library here.

Need a Consultant?

In addition to LexisCare, you can engage the Lexis Affinity™ Consulting Team to take your practice to the next level.

From learning how to use the latest features to enabling practice changes throughout your firm, our Consulting Team can help you get the most from your Lexis Affinity™ experience and achieve the business outcomes you need. Find out more here.

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