Upgrading to Lexis Affinity

Upgrading your firm to a new software platform can seem daunting and our team are here to help ensure your team transition smoothly from your old legacy systems onto Lexis Affinity.

Planning activities, roles and responsibilities are crucial to the success of every project and our team of experienced Project Managers and Solution Consultants will guide and assist throughout the journey.

Our team use a tried and tested best-practice methodology, developed and honed over many years and used for multiple transitions to Affinity. In addition to assuring delivery, it also enables flexibility to ensure specific needs are accommodated.

The transition to Affinity involves five key phases:


  • The key to every successful project
  • Understand and analyse your requirements
  • Present and agree plan


  • Installation
  • Initial configuration
  • Connectivity testing


  • Analyse data from your legacy systems
  • Prepare trial migration for your review
  • Agree final migration plan

Training and final preparations

  • Train and brief project team
  • Train-the-Trainer methodology
  • Assist with data migration review
  • Implement configuration options
  • End-user training


  • On-site support and assistance for your staff
  • Month-end support for Finance Team
  • Hand-over and sign-off

How we partner with you

Successful projects are the result of teamwork. Our team of specialsts and LexisNexis will work closely with you to ensure a smooth upgrade to Lexis Affinity

Your Team

Our Team

Project Sponsor

Project Manager

LexisNexis Project Manager

  • Keeps the overall objective in sight
  • Spots and removes obstacles and hurdles along the way
  • Approves any changes or amendments
  • Keeps tabs on progress with the Project Manager
  • Develop and approve the Project Plan
  • Keeps Sponsor and other Partners informed
  • Keep Lawyers and Support Staff informed
  • Works closely with LexisNexis team to ensure success
  • Responsible for delivery of the project on time and within budget

IT Manager

Technical Services Specialist

Data Migration Specialist

  • Ensure the firm's IT infrastructure is ready for the upgrade and capable of supporting Affinity
  • Work with our Technical Specialists to learn how to manage Affinity efficiently and keep things running smoothly
  • Install and configure LexisNexis software
  • Share technical knowledge with client's IT team
  • Assist with data transfer and migration
  • Scope and program data and document migration procedures
  • Advise client on best practice relating to data integrity

Finance Champion

Accounts Consultant

  • Engage with Accounts Consultant
  • Confirm firm's current / preferred processes and financial structures
  • Approve Trial Migration balances
  • Share application expertise and best practice advice on Acounts setup, billing, ledger configuration, reporting and end-of-month processing
  • Train and assist the firm's team Assist with trial and go-live

Precedents Champion

BPA Consultant

  • Share application expertise and best practice advice on Dataforms, Precedents and workflow automation
  • Train and assist the firm's team Assist with go-live

Helping you upgrade to Affinity is only the first step…

As your firm continues to grow and evolve, the demands on Affinity also change and evolve. Our team of experienced Solution Consultants are here to help you take Affinity to the next level. You may be merging with another practice; want to introduce mobility or client portal capabilities into your practice; or you may be facing entirely new challenges that our Consultants can assist you in overcoming.


Gain access to highly skilled solution consultants for you practice specific configuration or training needs

Custom Reporting

Each pratice has their own reporting needs. Our team can help you by providing reports developed to your specification.

Health Checks

Want to ensure you are getting the best from Affinity? Our team can do an audit of how your team use Affinity and make recommendations to help you get the most from Affinity.

Technical Assistance

Access our technical experts for assistance or guidance with upgrades to your Affinity system or the the underlying environment.

On-Site Training

Our trainers are used to delivering classroom-style intensive training face-to-face with your teams, for maximum interactivity

Remote Training

Avoid delays and minimise cost, leveraging a range of remote training tools to provide expert tuition and guideance to your team when and where they need it

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