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Explore the range of financial management, process and operational management options Affinity provides to underpin the firm's growth and success

"We [currently] waste a lot of time having to transfer information between systems"

Affinity is built around a central general ledger, with Trust and Office management features working  seamlessly throughout the application. Having to transfer sensitive financial and commercial data into external systems for processing increases the risk of failure, exposes the firm to unnecessary risk, and erodes the possible efficiency gains offered by those systems. With Affinity, it's all in one box and easy to use.

"We've had several mergers and need a way to build a common culture throughout the firm"

Affinity lies at the heart of your business, powering and supporting every team and every lawyer. Use Affinity's flexible workflow tools to enable a common approach across the firm. Bring the firm's entire precedent library together into a single, searchable resource. Apply the firm's branding standards to every communication using Affinity's range of Document Automation tools. Provide a consistent experience across all departments, powered by a single, unified system.

"We operate a Service Company to support the firm. Can we manage both in the same system?"

Whether as the result of business mergers, partnership re-structuring, or organic growth, Affinity firms often need to manage multiple entities under a single operational model. Our Consultants are experienced in setting up consolidated reporting models to help manage firms just like yours.

"We have overseas clients working in multiple currencies"

Take advantage of Affinity's multi-currency and flexible billing options to support overseas and international business. Configure the Affinity Client Portal to inform clients in their local currency.

Key Features

Single Database

Maintain single 'source of truth' for the firm

Built-in General Ledger

Avoid data issues transferring to external G/L

Centralised Reporting

Run-on-demand and scheduled report suite

Flexible Rate Codes

Structure rates codes for Clients, Partners, Work-types and more

Branches and Departments

Organise the system to report performance across different business units


Manage Service Company and Firm in same system


Transact and Bill in foreign currencies

Workflow Library

Manage and share legal workflows across the whole firm

Common Precedent Library

Manage firm's entire precedent collection in one place

Document Automation

Automate drafting of precedents and correspondence using common standards

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