Affinity for Lawyers

Let Affinity take the strain, as you go about your busy day. Focus on what your clients need and the specifics of the law involved, while Affinity helps streamline, manage and organise everything around you.

"Timesheets are frustrating."

Whether you record time purely for billing purposes, or to track your productivity, we know that maintaining time sheets can be a pain. Affinity's flexible time recording features help you avoid the tyranny of the time-sheet; offering options such as record-as-you-work timers, auto-charging to matters via workflow, scale charge options, recent matter lookup, etc.

"I want to get a good first draft quickly, then I can pay attention to the details"

Documents and correspondence are the cornerstone of a Lawyer's daily work. Affinity's automated drafting tools use a variety of forms and precedents, including your firm's own resources, to generate high quality documents tailored to the firm's brand and presentation standards. Easily access the firm's entire library of precedents, or choose quickly from curated precedents specific to the relevant area of law.

"Keeping track of every email is a burden"

Take the drudgery out of keeping matters up to date, using simple drag-and-drop, or let Affinity auto-profile matter emails as they come and go. Find and update matters as you work through your Outlook backlog. Browse recently used documents to make email attachments easy and quick.

"I need to know where we are up to on every matter, at all times"

Always know what's happening with your matters, especially when working with a team. Keep abreast of key facts, financials, documents and contacts. Streamline admin on your matters, using simple workflow procedures to delegate work across your team. Keep up to date with priorities and developments even when on the move.

And with our Client Portal option, you can ensure your clients are also kept up to date ... at a click.

"I can't spend ages searching for the information I need"

Whether it's in the system, or on the web, we know that you just need everything at your fingertips and Affinity has a range of features to help you.
Find documents quickly and easily in Affinity using our full-text search capabilities. Integrate online searches and legal research, to keep information in one place. Rely on Affinity's powerful indexing tools to help you find just the right document, whenever you need it. Find matters, contacts, documents and more - quickly using Affinity's global search, even when working in Outlook. Store legal research links in matters for easy reference.

"I don't always know the details of the matter, when I'm looking for a document."

It's frustrating. Sometimes, all you have to go on is a key fact about the case - and your Partner needs a copy of a key document quickly. Rely on Affinity's full-text index search to find documents based on their content, not just on where they've been saved. One of the partners had a case involving promissory estoppel a few years ago? Affinity can find any document mentioning promissory estoppel, without you having to spend ages hunting for them.

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