Are you "going paperless", or "going to use less paper"?

More and more firms are breaking free of the paper trap and switching from old manual filing systems to a more environment-friendly (and cheaper) "print-on-demand" approach. Find out about some of the challenges they have had to overcome …

"We like the old system, we know where everything is"

Upgrading to a new system can sometimes be daunting, especially when you need to find things in a hurry. Affinity's powerful filters, full-text searching and document profiles not only help you find things quickly, but also help to make sense of what's happening on your matters. With Affinity's flexible search tools everything is accessible when you need it. Affinity's email auto-profiling and scan-to-matter MFD integrations make keeping the documents list up-to-date easy and the Preview Pane helps you quickly browse files and check on progress.

"What about all the paper we receive from clients?"

While pretty much everyone has at least one email address, there is still a volume of paper that arrives on our desks every day. Affinity enables your staff to scan incoming documents directly into Affinity matters from suitable multi-function devices. You can also attach scanned images to Affinity's Safe Custody records, so they don't have to be retrieved from physical archives, just to answer client queries.

"Every month, I have to prepare Partnership Reports and they use up a lot of paper"

Why waste all that paper every month? Set key reports to run automatically at login, so Partners & Directors have key facts available on-screen as they start their day. Distribute reports by email, to avoid needless use of paper. Enable on-screen drill-down analysis with Affinity's dashboard reports, or use Excel to create your own interactive dashboards.

"Some [of the more senior] partners prefer using paper timesheets"

Manual time-recording relies on the memory and tenacity of the individual - even seasoned professionals who have recorded their time for years can often under-estimate how many calls they make and receive in a day; how many emails come and go. And few of us can accurately assess how much time we spend drafting a complex document, when there are frequent interruptions to our day. Use Affinity's range of flexible time recording options to capture more time, more accurately and as you work.

"We currently spend a lot of time (and paper) maintaining bundles of documents"

Maintain separate bundles for Clients, Courts and even Third Parties, using Affinity's PDF Bundling options. Edit and update bundles, as the facts of the matter change. And even publish  bundles via the Client Portal to ensure your clients (and third parties) have the latest information always available.

Your Multi-Function Device vendor can help you connect their devices to Affinity

These vendors have connectors for Affinity DocMan:



Konica Minolta



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