Better legal drafting with Affinity

See how your firm could use Affinity's range of document automation tools and features, to make drafting legal documents and correspondence a breeze. Merge documents direct to Outlook using email precedents. Format your library to reflect the firm's branding and style guidelines. Auto-fill documents using information from the matter, and more...

"When I'm drafting, I need to know our precedents are up to date"

Affinity integrates Lexis Smart forms & precedents, so you always have the latest Forms and Content available, as part of your firm's complete pracedents library. Access any of the firm's precedents direct from the matter you are working on, and have the system pre-fill information from your matter using Affinity's document automation tools.

"I can't keep on over-typing the last document we sent. There has to be a better way..."

Affinity provides a centralised precedents library accessible to everyone, at anytime. You can use any available precedent direct from the matter you are currently working on, without having to go outside the system to look for it.Affinity's DataForms and Scripting tools allow you to consolidate information automatically, so it appears in your documents in the appropriate format. Affinity's auto-filling precedents not only save time, but also ensure accuracy and avoid errors.

"Everything goes by email these days - but Outlook doesn't have precedents"

Use Affinity's email precedents to draft high-quality emails including pre-select standard attachments. Auto-fill subject lines and recipients based on matter details and automate email filing (both sent and received), using our Outlook integration.

"Our Partners don't have time to check every outgoing document and email thoroughly"

Checking references and citations, and analysing drafts, is time-consuming and difficult. Lexis Draft is a companion product to Lexis Affinity, sitting inside Word on your lawyers' and Partners' desktops and supporting them with a range of checking and legal proof-reading tools, backed by LeisNexis' world-class legal content, commentary and research tools.

"I need a straightforward way to update our library whenever there's a Practice change"

Affinity Precedents are designed to be updated and changed over time.  Our Consultants have a wealth of experience in helping firms set up precedents to re-use existing components (such as standard layouts and sign-off blocks), so that if you need to update the list of Partners, or insert a new logo, etc. you only have to make the change in one central location - and it cascades out across the entire library automatically.

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