Affinity for Precedents Managers

Combine your firm's unique precedents with LexisNexis standard forms & precedents in a central library for the entire firm.

"I need to keep control over the firm's entire precedent library"

"Everything ends up in silos". It's a common story we hear from many firms. Each Partner, and sometimes each individual lawyer, has their own "special store" of preferred precedents that the rest of the firm can't find - or don't even know about. So your job as Precedents Manager is not only to find these hidden veins of gold running throughout the firm, but then to make the best precedents available to everyone who needs them. Affinity's centralised Precedent LIbrary feature allows you to curate a single collection of forms and precedents, with the flexibility to restrict access where necessary - and to link precedents (singly, or by category) to individual matter types - so the right precedents are always available for the matter at hand.

"Everything goes by email these days - it's hard to keep consistent quality just using Outlook"

Affinity's email precedents allows you to generate professional quality documents as emails, without having to go through the (redundant) effort of drafting in word and attaching to a boilerplate, system email. You can also pre-select email attachments, so sending copies of the firm's brochure becomes effortless.

"The Lawyers are really busy, so I want to make sure they get the right Forms & Precedents quickly and easily"

Tailor access to precedents library to suit particular matter, or work types ... or let them browse the firm's entire library as they work on their matters. Pre-select Forms & Precedents to auto-fill when completing workflow tasks. Every time you update content in the central precedents library, it is immediately available to all of your practitioners.

"Our old standard, out-of-the-box precedents just aren't flexible enough for what I need"

Fine-tune data integration to suit your firm's individual needs, with flexible scripting to create automated legal documents based on the firm's unique collection of precedents. Give your lawyers that "good first draft" in a few simple clicks. Go beyond the basics, with flexible scripting using one of the world's most popular scripting tools.

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