Affinity for Partners & Directors

Understand and grow your business, relying on the power and flexibility of Affinity to empower Lawyers and staff to drive your business forward. Make informed decisions supported by insights from a single integrated system to give a true reflection of the business.

"I need to know that we're making the right decisions for our clients"

Easy navigation and search features help find critical information easily, in the office, or while mobile, letting lawyers focus on clients’ needs | integrate world-class legal research and content to inform decision-making and matter strategy

"Our clients want to know what's going on, at all times"

Keep clients better informed using Affinity Client Portal to provide secure 24/7/365 access. Enable Clients to download key documents on demand, even out-of-hours. Improve communication and reduce reliance on the daily deluge of email.

"I want to improve referrals and repeat instructions"

Make your firm easier to do business with. Process new matter requests and referrals quickly and accurately with flexible online forms. Leverage the power of Client Portal to proactively keep clients informed. Affinity's powerful search and segmentation features help your Marketing team focus attention on communities of interest across your client (and prospect) base - and Affinity's flexible data, wokrflow and Portal configurations allow you to tailor the firm's service to suit clients' individual requirements, efficiently and effectively.

"I don't have time to wade through pages of reports every month"

Use Affinity's graphical summaries to track performance and identify challenges. Drill-down to explore details and make sense of what's happening in the firm  | Affinity's extensive business reporting capabilities provide you with a complete analysis on every aspect of your firm’s performance at your fingertips.

"The more things change, the more they stay the same. Clients want advice, advocacy and value for money"

Affinity provides the flexibility for firms to adapt to changing client needs, while still running existing business efficiently. Need to know what your clients think of the service you provide? Use Affinity to automate sending client satisfaction surveys on completion of matters.

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