Affinity for Marketing Managers

Understand and grow your business, harnessing the power of Affinity's core database of clients, contacts, suppliers and legal matters, to target communications to each different audience.

"Our Partners are great at talking to clients, but I need to help get their expertise out to a wider audience"

Improve your effectiveness using Affinity Marketing Matters to manage campaigns. Each campaign runs as a separate project (matter), putting all of the Lawyer's tools for document automation, data capture and workflow at your disposal. Use custom dataforms to track attendees, interests and preferences - and provide timely and compelling follow-up materials focused on specific audiences.

"I need everything in one place, so I don't have to keep track of multiple systems"

All the firm's contacts, clients and suppliers are managed through a single, central database - and updated through the firm's daily operations. Use categories and custom dataforms to segment by audience and interests. Don't wait for reports, Affinity gives you live / on-screen analysis of the database in real-time, so it's easy to build and update lists for managing events, mailmerge, or whatever else you need to do.

"I need to know who knows who across the whole database"

Track relationships between contacts (and the firm). Add custom fields whenever you need them - Affinity allows you to extend the database on demand without having to undertake special programming. Track and understand who knows who across the whole database, both through referrals and from new business introductions.

"The business of law is all about giving clients the best advice and service"

Keep clients better informed using Affinity Client Portal to provide secure 24/7/365 access. Enable Clients to download key documents on demand, even out-of-hours.

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