Offer your clients the complete picture

Affinity's Client Portal helps you deliver excellent client service, 24/7. With configurable views and data downloads, your clients can stay better informed, enjoy secure communications and even instruct the firm using structured New Matter Requests.

"I need to keep clients constantly up to date, but I can't charge for all the work involved"

Share progress and details of your matter with confidence through Affinity's secure web platform. Control how much information you share with clients and which documents (and invoices) they can download. Improve communications by enabling the e-mail my lawyer feature and let your Clients request new tasks directly, while reviewing progress. For Commercial clients, you can also enable data downloads to update their internal systems and for custom reporting.

"I want to offer each of my clients their own tailored service"

The Affinity Client Portal is easy to configure and tailor, allowing you to design a unique experience for each client, or offer a standard across-the-board service to all. Access is mamnaged by roles and you can tailor custom views for each role in your  system, including controlling access to sensitive information and documents. You can create custom views for different practice areas and even enable data downloads for authorised users & roles. If you have clients with more than one company in the group, we also support multi-role access for users with different roles across the group.

"How can I make our firm really easy to do business with (and get more referrals)?"

Everyone wants (and expects) to do things online these days - and Affinty's Client Portal makes it easy for your clients, prospects and referrers to instruct the firm, in just a few clicks. You can customise new matter forms for different referrers and practice areas, and your Referrers can follow the progress of new matters online. The Client Portal generates notifications to the firm as new referrals are submitted, to help reduce delays in processing - and to ensure that none get overlooked. Easily convert new requests to matters, with all data and documents carried across automatically.

"How can I share documents securely (and without creating even more email)?"

Publish documents stored in Affinity's Document Management System onto the Client Portal. Secure uploads and downloads using Client Portal's encryption and anti-virus frameworks. Ensure new uploads are brought to the right people's attention wiht our auto-notification service in Affinity.

"I want to help clients keep track of fees and costs and help them pay our bills on time"

Publish downloadable PDF invoices via the Client Portal, so your clients always have reference copies readily to hand when they are paying your invoices. Help your clients keep track of balances, budget, and other financial details on their matters, so they have fewer queries relating to your invoices.

"We need an easier way to work with Barristers and other Third Parties"

Create roles for Barristers and matter parties in your firm's Client Portal, to help them interact securely with your lawyers on current matters. Enable document uploads and downloads for selected roles.

Key Features

Matter Summary

Documents (secure upload and download)

View Tasks, Contacts, Bills and more...

Easy Navigation

Responsive Design

Live access to data

Configurable Roles & Views

New Matter Requests (and referrals)

Email my Lawyer

Secure Architecture

Matter Party Access

Apply firm's own branding

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